Certified Professional Dog Training
At All Paws Inn, we love helping to improve the relationship between the owners and their pets. Sometimes basic obedience training can help tremendously with this process. It is our philosophy that there is no such thing as a “bad dog”. Just a dog making bad decisions, through obedience training and a clear message those bad decisions can become good ones.
Obedience training is very helpful for every dog, even the happy go lucky dogs can benefit from obedience training. We teach your dog through clear and effective communication based on a balanced scale of training, the most important part being praise.

Another vital part of the dogs training is the human training. We go over simple commands in private lessons to give you and your dog our sole attention so there’s a clear message to the owners as well, we also encourage questions and will do our best to answer every question to do with your dogs training.
We give a free initial evaluation to find out what program would work best with you and your dog. We offer Private Lessons or a Residency Program where your dog stays with us. We do not offer group classes because we think it’s only fair to give you the time and attention to help improve your relationship with your dog.


Nate Green is our Certified professional dog trainer, he received his certification through National K-9 in Columbus, Ohio. National K-9 is an accredited school that teaches all methods of Dog training to help your dog(s) reach his or hers potential with a balanced scale of motivation, correction and most importantly praise. Nate graduated from the Master Trainer Course with our dog Gabby.