Certified Professional Dog Training

At All Paws Inn, we love helping to improve the relationship between the owners and their pets. Sometimes basic obedience training can help tremendously with this process. It is our philosophy that there is no such thing as a “bad dog”. Just a dog making bad decisions. Through obedience training and a clear message those bad decisions can become good ones.

Our training mimics a dogs natural intuition, as well as being science based. Because of this, they understand what you want very quickly and efficiently. Our training is positive centric, with the most important part of our training being our praise. The science of our training is best explained by Thorndike’s Law of Effect which states, responses that produce a satisfying effect in a particular situation become more likely to occur again in that situation, and responses that produce a discomforting effect become less likely to occur again in that situation.

Dogs have different personalities just as humans do, we recognize this to address issues and also instruct the owners the best way to address issues, more importantly, break down the situation to why the dog is doing that behavior. Our goal with all of our training options is to help dogs and owners build a better relationship. With this, both understand each other easier to cut down on the frustration for owner and dog. Communicating with your dog in a way that they understand simply is one of the keys to our training programs. We teach you and your dog how to address issues such as loose leash walking with you, unwanted jumping, or biting. We offer several Dog Training options to fit what would be best for you and your dog including, Group Training Class, Residency Programs, Private Lessons and Puppy Pre School.

Training Options:

We do require a training consult to get a better understanding of what miscommunication issues may be going on between you and your dog(s). There is a nominal fee for this. Please call or email to schedule.

Group Training Class – This is a small group setting class with a limited number of dogs. We limit the number of dogs to 4 in any group class. This is so that we can ensure every one gets one on one time with the trainer in the class. With this option you would be required to work with your dog at home during the week on commands covered during class. This option is great for people that have just gotten their first dog or haven’t owned a dog in a while, because we do work in a small setting that is not overwhelming. This is also a great option for an owner that needs help with their confidence around other people and dogs. That being said it is also a good option for dogs who don’t have a lot of confidence as well.
$400 for 7 weeks – Price includes Leather Leash and Collar.

Residency Program – This is an option were your dog(s) would stay at our facility for 1 week to 3 weeks depending on what issues need to be addressed. This is the best option for owners that want issues fixed immediately, or if they don’t have the time to attend our group class. This option also works great for people that will be boarding their dog and would like them to be trained. This option is also great for dogs that have shown aggression or have bitten someone. We work with both owner and dog to make sure the aggression is as contained as possible. With this option, 2 private lessons are included for 1 week of training, 3 private lessons for 2 weeks of training and 4 private lessons for a 3 weeks of training.
$700/week – The price includes Boarding, Leather Leash and Collar as well as the private lessons.

Private Lessons – This option is ideal for customers that want help with a specific issue that they don’t need the whole Group Class or Residency Program for. This is also a good option for someone that has a dog that will not do good around other people or dogs but want to train their dog themselves. This is also designed for owners whose dogs have been in the Residency Program and need to teach their dog another command.
$75/per session

Puppy Pre-School – This is three (3) week class for puppies 8 – 13 weeks old, which only meets Saturdays at 1pm to 2pm. During the class you will learn how to introduce new objects to your puppies, how to deal with puppy biting, house training issues, excessive barking, handling exercises as well as question and answer times. This class is not just about the puppies playing with each other. Its about helping you and your new puppy get the tools to have a well balanced, socialized life together.
$100 for the 3 week class

Nate Green is our Certified Professional Dog Trainer, he received his certification through National K-9 in Columbus, Ohio. He has been training dogs for over 20+ years but decided to attend National K-9 in January of 2017. National K-9 is an accredited school that teaches all methods of Dog training to help your dog(s) reach his or hers potential. Nate graduated from the Master Trainer Course with our dog Gabby. He and his wife, April, own 3 dogs, Wishes, Gabby, and Ares. Ares is our demonstration dog to show potential clients what a well trained dog can do. Areas has received his AKC Canine Good Citizen and is presently working on Obedience Titles through the AKC. Nate also attends the IACP Conference every year for continuing education to continue learning and gaining knowledge.