Gail Rathburn

I have known April Green for about 2 years. I have used her exclusively as a sitter for my numerous Labrador Retrievers and 2 cats. I feel her knowledge and common sense in caring for them is superb. If a problem arises, most of the time she knows how to deal with it. If she doesn’t, she has enough sense to get in touch with me, to resolve the problem. My dogs absolutely adore April, and her husband Nate. My dogs don’t seem to miss me when I am gone. I would entrust April (and Nate) to care for my pets, anytime, because of her knowledge and cheerful attitude in caring for them.

Colleen & Dave Ciarletta

My husband and I moved to upstate NY about 2 years ago. We have always had family to watch our dogs when we traveled. Now being away from home we needed to find someone who we could trust. I trust April more then I do my own parents with the safety and care of my kids. Dave and I joke that when we go away it’s like a “puppy vacation” for the dogs because April is so attentive and good to them! I have never believed in kenneling my babies so I am thrilled that they can stay in their own home with someone I can trust. The rates are more than reasonable and she really goes above and beyond. It is especially comforting to us because Freya is a bit of a “problem child”. I know April will take care of her and my other pups. Thank you April!!!!

Karen C.

My Advice to Pet Lovers:

Not Pet Owners, Pet Lovers; I met April Green, of All Paws Inn, in April of this year, while frantically searching for a dog sitter for my basset, Shadow. Shadow is a cancer survivor and my best friend, her welfare when I came to New York from Texas to work was the 1st and most important issue to solve as my work schedule was 6 days/10 hrs. per week. I found April through a referral and the rest is history. Shadow and April became best friends and went everywhere together, to cancer walks for dogs, to the neighborhood church bazaar, you name it they went together. I even had to start spelling April’s name instead of saying it in front of Shadow as she would go nuts and think we were going to April’s or April was coming over. Shadow and April were the talk of the neighborhood and Shadow became even more spoiled rotten, which I thought was impossible, but it was not after we met April. She bought Shadow treats, her favorite being “greenies” and Heaven knows what else. They ate together, slept together, walked, played, and sometimes I think they showered together. We returned to Texas the 1st of November with many tears and promises to stay in touch, (and are doing so). I know Shadow misses April and Nate (April’s husband) as she looks for them often and does not appreciate me not walking her three times per day. If you want or are looking for someone who will take care of your pet like she/he was their own, then go to All Paws Inn. If you are looking for a kennel or a regular dog sitter don’t bother, All Paws Inn is neither, it is SPECIAL, as are the Owners, April and Nate. And if you have the pleasure of being added to April’s client list, you will find the same peace of mind and smile on your face each and every time you leave your pet at/with All Paws Inn…


My husband and I adopted a very submissive/shy dog from a shelter in Pennsylvania. Reina was not housebroken and often exhibited submissive urination. We decided to use crate training to housebreak her, but since we both work full time, we didn’t want to leave Reina alone in the crate all day. As a result, we decided to find a dog walker to come and walk her and play with her in the middle of the day. I did some research and came across the All Paws Inn website. I contacted April, and she and Nate came to meet Reina. From our first meeting, my husband and I felt completely comfortable with them. It’s so obvious that they both are animal lovers, totally trustworthy, and all around great people who we trust with our dog, and in our home. Our dog grew to love them and much of her shyness and submissiveness has dissipated. April and Nate were always dependable and it was nice not even thinking about whether or not Reina was getting her walk or how things were going at home – we felt completely at ease knowing that they were taking care of her. They also wrote us detailed notes about how things went every day; something that my husband and I always looked forward to reading after work. If you’re looking for a dog walker/pet sitter, you can’t go wrong with All Paws Inn!

Jeffery & Ann

April, Just wanted to let you know that you are doing an awesome job with Medwin and he loves you! I saw from the day that I was there, that he absolutely loves it when you take him for walks! He gets all excited when he sees you and it shows. Dogs have a sixth sense in that they can sense the “aura” of a person and he has no problem with yours. Thank you for taking the time to work with him to when you walk him and using the commands and other training techniques that you are using with him. In the short time that you have been with him and taken him for walks, we have noticed a huge difference in his temperament. You were just what we are looking for and are looking forward to many more interactions with our dog, Medwin, and so is he!

Teresa C.

My husband just stopped by my office with Sid to show me his new haircut. He looks terrific…it is the absolute best haircut he has ever, ever had. I cannot thank you enough. Please have Kate get a hold of me in the next couple of days with a date in two months so he can get groomed again. I would like to get him on a regular schedule.

Please be sure to tell her how very pleased we are. Again, thank you and Happy Holidays!