About Us

My name is April Green and I’ve been around animals my whole life, it’s my true passion. It has been my dream to make a career out of caring for animals, and its finally coming true bit by bit. I grew up in Nebraska and was always around animals, in part by living on a farm. I also worked in Grand Island Heritage Zoo as a grounds keeper and also helped feed the animals, that was when I was in high school. Also during my high school years I was lucky enough to work in a veterinary clinic in Hastings, Nebraska. There I worked in the kennels until I went to college. And while I was back from college over the Christmas break I was managing the kennels while I trained a new manager.

I went to Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture which has one of the best Veterinary Technician programs in the state. While there I took numerous courses to become a Veterinary Technician but I then decided there another career involving animals. From there I came here to New York to be with family. My Grandfather especially who I never met until I came here, he was a big part in my life even though I was with him for such a short period of his life. He wanted me to start All Paws Inn because he knew how much it meant to me to care for animals and he saw that I had the determination to make it succeed and flourish. My Grandfather was a man of nature and loved God’s beautiful creations, a gift which I was lucky enough to inherit from him.

I started dog sitting for my friend Gail who has several Labs at her house that are all Show Dogs. In 2004 she asked me if I would watch her dogs. She was looking for someone to watch them and had heard through a mutual friend that I had worked in kennels and was an animal lover. For her to entrust all of her dogs to me meant a great deal to me because I know that it is her passion in life. It was a challenge at first but now it’s like clockwork for the most part. I even had the great pleasure of watching over an adult dog I watched as a puppy. I’ve watched over several litters of puppies in Gail’s home, and all but six of her dogs have known me since they where puppies. Read her testimonial in the stories section of the website.

I’ve been married since 2004 to my husband, Nate, who has been lovingly supportive of my dream and aspirations in life. He also sometimes helps me out while I’m dog sitting, he’s an animal lover also. Dogs love him because he doesn’t care if he gets licked he just starts giggling like a little kid. I am a graduate of Broome Community College with a degree in Marketing Management and Sales.

If you have anymore questions about my background with animals please feel free to Email or phone me through my contact information on the website and I will be more than glad to fill you in on almost anything you want to know.

Thank You,
April Green
Owner and Founder of All Paws Inn